artistic freedom

Call for emerging directors and actors

All my dear fellow theater artists,

We’re all in the same boat together. Working two or three part-time, low- or no-paying jobs. Wishing for the security or the paycheck that most of our friends right out of school do. But this is the life as an artist (at least unless we get rich and famous!).

I hope you’re not discouraged in our industry. Sometimes it can be extremely disheartening. I know – I just was turned down for a gig. But, let’s not lose heart, but encouraging each other to keep on going!

I hope to generate some good, helpful tips for maintaining a professional and upbeat presence in the art world, and hope that you will join in the conversation. As I leave my own thoughts and perspectives on my corner of the art sphere, I encourage you to do the same, whether a comment at the bottom of a post, or starting your own blog.

Nonetheless, I’m here to support you! I hope that what I share may be of benefit to you. And if you have questions, please write to me. I am more than happy to share out of the experiences that I’ve had.

So, keep watch for new posts coming your way soon!


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