artistic freedom

Who we are or who we think we are

Faith doesn’t just float in time/space for itself. It changes our lives and affects how we live. Our views of what is right depends on what we believe. Our BELIEFS shape our ACTIONS.

Tim Keller’s “Reason for God” says that faith or religion determines who we think we are, what life is about, and what we spend our lives doing. When our beliefs change, our actions change. Every person believes in something. Even if it’s doubt. Believing something and wanting to believe something are not the same thing. And until our beliefs change – our actions will not.

Motivation. I used to think knowing motivation of a person was the core of good acting & directing. But maybe another word is what we believe. What we believe is the core of who we are. And what we believe is true shapes our motivations, which shapes our actions.

In directing “Bi=Racial”, I’ve concluded that the main character, Adrienne, doesn’t want her or her bi-racial children to judged by society on appearance. And she doesn’t want people’s opinions to bother her – but they do. And some people do judge based on race – and some times we think people judge based on race. Either way, doesn’t make it’s right or true. But until our beliefs change, our actions will not. Adrienne’s journey is to find security in something else other than people’s opinion of herself. This is Adrienne’s story.

We all have insecurities about our identity – whether ethnicity, height, weight, personality, etc. But until we find something true to ground our beliefs in, we will continue to be insecure in our identity.

Who we are hasn’t changed. But who we think  changes.

Part of the human journey is to matching who we ARE with who we THINK we are.


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