artistic freedom

A Human Dilemma

Creativity meets organization. Art meets logic. I think you need to have both. Artistic satisfaction in a meeting of both.

Realization of perfect harmony.

When you do what you love, and it comes to fruition, it’s the best self-expressive satisfaction.

Solving a story. Understanding why people do the things they do. Gathering information. Finding perfect order in a coordinated simultaneous movement. These are things I love.

Certainly, this is what God feels – explosions of self-expression.

Directing a play is like a reading a novel. You’re getting to know the characters, slowly more and more with every page. You know there’s something wrong, but you don’t know why. And each page unravels a new piece of information, a new part of their story, a new understanding to who they are and why they are the way they are.

Maybe we feel like we don’t know who we are, because we don’t have to time to write, to think, to feel. Our society CUTS out time for thinking…

Why think when your iphone can think for you?

Why try to understand your best friend is mad at you when you can flip on to watch someone else’s life story?

Why write about your feelings when you can shop your thoughts away?

Essential storytelling skill: knowing and understanding how other people feel and why they feel. (Compassion and connectedness. Art and logic).

Emotion is at the heart of theater. And the more complicated the emotion, the more interesting it is to watch.

Good theater is an accurate reflection of life. Because there’s always a reason behind the motive. You might not understand the reason (or know the reason). But because we’re human. That’s the dilemma. We don’t know everything. But good directors can/will deduce the reasons. (Good directors would make good counselors). And sometimes you have to trace backwards. Sometimes you have to work back from the ending to the beginning. Trace back the action by finding the trail of the domino pieces. And that enlightening moment when you trace the invisible trail marked by words, actions, and emotion to THE reason. There. The core of the person. Usually deeper than the hurt & pain. There’s a core of truth. WHO you are, and WHY the way you are who you are.


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One thought on “A Human Dilemma

  1. Girl! Just found your blog! Beautiful post! Keep them coming. 😉 ~LB

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